Stealth No Longer: The Nazi Fourth Reich, Est. 1945

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“Don’t let anybody tell you that they had no idea.  Everybody sensed there was something horribly wrong with the system.”

Nazi Conspirator Hans Frank, Nuremberg Trial, 29 November 1945


Adolf Hitler’s seventy-one-year-old, global, heretofore clandestine Nazi Fourth Reich holds near and dear four fatally flawed, ontologically-Nazi assumptions:

1. Ever and forever, Nazis will maintain global political power.

2. Their meticulously constructed, seven-decades-in-the-making comprehensive global conspiracy to subsume all humankind under their brilliantly ‘reinvented’ Nazi Fourth Reich – the stealth fusion of ‘radical’ Islam with Nazism to effect Hitler’s Neuordnung¹ – will never be laid bare.

3. The conspirators will never be recognized, nor identified.

4. Never will they ever face indictment, prosecution, conviction, or execution for their heinous conspiratorial crimes.

From whence come these ridiculous shared assumptions? With Nazis, it’s a spiritual thing. It is Faith in Political Evildoing. Faith in Evil’s Power. What’s more, they possess Abiding Faith in their demon-god, The Führer Adolf Hitler, who along with his formidable batallion of demon helpers, will never cease to aid, strengthen, embolden, and ‘protect’ them.

Here in the United States, at our State Department, is recent public expression of  Nazi Fourth Reich Occupied D.C.:

“Mark Toner, the deputy spokesman for the US State Department, literally burst out laughing at the idea of transparency and democracy during an official press briefing on Thursday.”


Nazi Occupation of Washington D.C. by no means commenced with the [usurped] Inauguration of Adolf Hitler’s grandson, fraudulently known as “Barack Hussein Obama II”, whose birth identity is Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz [son to Nation Of Islam Minister Malcolm X].

Nazi Wickedness has festered ‘within’ our government, right before America’s eyes, for the seven decades since 1945, when President Harry ‘Treason’ Truman consented to the United States Federal Government ‘making use’ of post-war Nazis.

1945: The very same year, in March, that The Führer Adolf Hitler – hell-bent determined that his ‘1000 Year Reich’ would never end – instituted the NAZI UNDERGROUND – a worldwide network of saboteurs and spies to carry on the work of the Third Reich.

1945: The year that ‘ended’ World War II, yet closed in the ultimate U. S. Government treachery: Hitler safely hidden away in Argentina, along with lover Eva Braun, their ‘secret’ daughter Aka Obama’s mother, and a horde of Hitler’s top Nazis.

Treachery for which We The People – and people all over the aching globe – now pay a hideous price.

Outrageously, from 1945, thereafter, The United States Government was well aware of Hitler’s Suicide Psyop; it was also aware of his Argentine location.

Our own Government ‘turning a blind eye’ to Hitler’s ongoing global Nazi activity post World War II is materially responsible for global resurgence of The Nazi Reich, wickedly reinvented as a Nazi-Islamist Reich.

Our own Government, materially responsible for the global devastation, destruction, and death that The Nazi-Islamist Fourth Reich has wreaked.

For Hitler’s Resurgent Global Darkness: the emotional, mental, financial, political, cultural and spiritual abyss into which we – and all humanity – have long been plunged.

Oh, the oh-so-clever, oh-so-global Nazi Fourth Reich! ‘Secretly’ waging aggressive wars. Strategizing, funding, training, arming, deploying and shielding Islamist Terrorists worldwide. Overthrowing legitimate governments via clandestine agitation/ops. Manipulating money, stealing from the masses, their criminal bankers in cahoots with government officials. Gleeful destruction of Christianity; Islamization of the globe. Lassoing Europe via 1930’s Nazi-Designed Corporate Control of Europe, reinvented as the benevolent ‘European Union’, seductively tying up post-war, exhausted, vulnerable, naive Europe, Hitler-style; ‘one currency’, one culture, one government. Oh, how benevolent, that ‘European Union’, choking off  the economic lifeblood of member countries with wickedly clever ‘trade deals’. Dictating policy via unelected bureaucrats. Deviously deploying millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ The Nazi Fourth Reich created, to effect Muslim ‘invasion’ of Europe and America.

How very clever, the Nazi Fourth Reich! Signature ruthless government-sponsored False Flags, in country upon country, each more horrific than the last, from ‘lone-wolf’ to orchestration of hundreds of operatives; the accompanying institution of a military-state to replace the ‘overwhelmed’ police. Chronic intrusive government surveillance outdoors, indoors, online, offline; ‘justified’ by the explosion of Fourth-Reich-contrived terrorism. Global crimes-against-peace psyop via chronic, in-your-face terror ‘alerts’, especially at times of celebration. Economic terrorism: forcing up the cost of essentials – including food, housing, and transportation – while driving down employment opportunities and income. Co-opting of the bulk of public resources for The Reich’s clandestine, evil ends. Flagrant disregard for national constitutions, and rule of law. Destruction of cultural traditions. Re-writing of history. Neutering of national borders. Non-stop deployment of ‘Cyber Gestapo’ to kill off free speech. Intimidation of resistors by ridicule, threats, blacklisting, lawsuits, imprisonment, assassinations. Steady dispensation of lies and propaganda via the handful of corporations that now control the news media [consolidation of which commenced, in great stealth, decades ago]; ‘Mainstream Media’ blackout of Truth. Extensive preclusion of publication of books contrary to ‘The Fourth Reich State’. Incessant propagandistic demonizing of Hitler’s Arch Enemy, Russia; aggressive acts provoking ‘Reich-retaliatory’ war with Russia. Declaration of war on citizen gun ownership. Weaponizing weather. Poisoning food with chemical pesticides under the guise of productivity. Bankrupting governments. 

Sophisticated theft of Political Office at every level, in every domain of government, in nearly every country. Planting of Nazi Operatives in key positions.

How faithful to The Führer, Adolf Hitler!

21st Century Global Nazi Conspirators: Zombies of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich. Stealth-Occupying Prominent Global Political Offices. Dizzily delusional by Dreams Of Their Nazi Forefathers. Demonic in their obsession to ‘Own The World’.

Is it any marvel that Hitler’s Nazi Fourth Reich is convinced of its invulnerability? That, just as their ancestors boasted about the Third Reich Military, their stealth Terrorist Warriors, ISIS, they publicly brand ‘unstoppable’?

Hearing the fervent pleas of his people, God has stepped forth.

Like its Third Reich ancestor, blessedly, by Divine intervention, The Nazi Fourth Reich is crumbling. Despite their crimes, despite their sins, despite decades of concerted, clandestine, ‘brilliant’ scheming and ‘accomplishment’, history repeats: evil never triumphs. Far too long subjected to Nazi-Islamist atrocities, outraged, the world has awakened. Illumined with The Holy Spirit’s Laser Light of Truth, almost faster than we can process it, documentary evidence of the Nazi Conspirators’ decades of Global Political Evil is emerging.

By their deeds, The Nazi Fourth Reich has self-revealed.

The world now fights back. With God’s Mighty Assistance, Justice will be served.

Shall 21st Century Nazi Conspirators Trials again be held in Nuremberg Germany, in its ‘Palace Of Justice’?

Or shall we shift prosecutorial and execution venues to Fourth Reich Occupied Washington D.C.?




¹ Hitler’s 1941 publicly articulated vision of a New Order Under the Nazi Reich. Originally focusing upon Europe, Hitler’s Neuordnung was reinvented by the Nazi Fourth Reich as a ‘New World Order’ a.k.a. ‘NWO’: One World Under The Nazi Fourth Reich. The prodigious progress made by this stealth Nazi-Islamist Fourth Reich – via deception, dissembling, coercion, violence, assassinations, strategizing funding training arming deploying and shielding global terrorism, propaganda, corporate control, media control, online Gestapo activity, mass government surveillance, core reliance upon the occult, infiltration of churches, takeover of education, theft of privacy, stripping of rights, horrific False Flags against its own citizens, waging aggressive wars, demonizing/provoking/sanctioning Russia, and more – has imposed unspeakable sufferings throughout the entire world. Please see

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