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[German Government Officials] believe they have me on the lead. I know that they hope I will achieve my own ruin by mismanagement. But we shall not wait for them to act. Our great opportunity lies in acting before they do. We have no scruples, no bourgeois hestitations….They regard me as an uneducated barbarian. Yes, we are barbarians. We want to be barbarians. It is an honourable title.”

 Adolf Hitler, quoted by Hermann Rauschning: Hitler Table Talk [cited in Bullock, below]


Hitler Historian Alan Bullock’s landmark book, Hitler: A Study In Tyranny, Chapter Five “REVOLUTION AFTER POWER 30 January 1933 – August 1934” presents the model by which A. Hitler destroyed The German Republic foundations, and built up Nazi Germany.

B. Hitler, Adolf’s grandson via his ‘secret’ daughter ‘Anna’ Braun-Hitler, not only employed this model in America; apparently he has extended Grandpa’s REVOLUTION AFTER POWER governing model to define his role in his [usurped] post-Presidency.

A role he intends to ‘occupy’ with unending, limitless, brazenly seditious acts against his successor.

Quoting Hitler Historian Alan Bullock:

As so often later in his foreign policy, Hitler resorted to his favourite tactic of surprise, of doing just the things no one believed he would dare to do, with a bland contempt for convention or traditionThe methods of gangsterism applied to politics, the crude and uninhibited use of force in the first, not in the last, resort, producing startling results.

That’s why gangsterism is so ‘normal’ to Fourth Reich Führer, Nazi Prince Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz. In fact, it is his signature. Study his dazzling ‘ascent to power’ – a trajectory sizzling with thoroughly criminal tactics [the core of which is Identity Fraud].

Study the wicked deeds of his “Obama” Administration.

Study his opening remarks as he looks out upon the Mainstream Media, at the 2016 White House Correpondents Dinner. Couching his seditious pride in humor, Mr. Masquerade “Barack Hussein Obama” pretends to joke:  “The end of the Republic has never looked better”  –  an ‘insider’ boastful reference to his Grandfather Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Destruction of The German Republic.

Study his bizarre ‘coded act’ that night, at the conclusion of his remarks: https://www.rt.com/viral/341527-obama-mic-correspondents-guantanamo/

Recently, United States President Donald J. Trump identified “Obama” as the person behind criminal intelligence leaks and national agitation against him.  “I think he is behind it. I also think it’s politics, that’s the way it is.” 

President Trump: respectfully, I must disagree. What you suffer is not simply ‘politics’. It is Nazi Politics. Organized by none other than Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler’s daughter’s son, his grandson, Bâri’ Hitler-Shabazz.

We have no scruples, no bourgeois hestitations….

REVOLUTION AFTER POWER – completing ‘The End Of The American Republic’ – is no laughing matter to Fourth Reich Führer “Obama”. It is very serious business.


Nazi Fourth Reich Führer BÂRI’ HITLER-SHABAZZ

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