Erdoghan Talks Truth: Nazis Occupy Top World Leadership Positions

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“Germany, you have no relation whatsoever to democracy and you should know that your current actions are no different to those of Nazi period.”

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoghan

There’s a four-letter word inciting alarm amongst European Elites: N-A- Z-I.  Four little letters, jam-packed with hideous Truth.

‘Insulting’, ‘inappropriate’,  are two high-brow rhetorical responses.

When #Truth gets too scarily close, what is the Nazi Fourth Reich All-Time-Favorite Strategic Silencer?

By mentioning The Nazi Third Reich, you ‘trivialize’ Nazi victims.

One can plainly see the Nazi Fourth Reich’s imperative to silence anyone who identifies their Conspiracy To Accomplish Crimes Against Peace. Especially given that the enormity of their decades of crimes, each hour, in heaping piles, manifests.

A prime example? Their wickedly engineered Muslim ‘Migration’ Op, via waging clandestine wars of terror across Middle Eastern homelands, African too, to purposefully drive millions into Europe / America:

The Nazi Fourth Reich ‘Islamic Refugee Resettlement’ masterplan is contemporary re-enactment of the wicked genius of their demon-god Adolf Hitler‘s RuSHA / VoMI plan:

Following the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, the RuSHA worked in partnership with VOMI in the germanization of captured territory, monitoring of settler welfare, and the plantation of ethnic Germans in areas designated for settlement by the SS, particularly in occupied Ukraine. This involved in part, the resetting of Germans in the Nazi occupied Eastern territories and ejecting the native families from those lands.

Hence, the Fourth Reich’s obvious ‘Islamization’ of Europe and beyond. It is no coincidence that countries once ‘owned’ by Hitler have been first to experience ‘Islamization’.

Adolf Hitler publicly asserted that Islam should be the faith of Nazis; he also made great use of Islamists in Nazi political and military activities. Today’s stealth political fusion of Muslims with Nazis is its logical ‘progression’.

With Turkey’s President Erdoghan ‘gone rogue’, making peace with Russia’s President Putin neutralizing the plot to forever destroy their diplomatic relations, by shooting down Russia’s SU-24 over Syria in November 2015 – the Fourth Reich has gone ballistic.

The fact that President Putin saved President Erdoghan’s life in the July 2016 attempted Turkey Coup when assassination teams were enroute to kill him, should matter nothing to him, The Reich apparently believes.

As European countries retaliate, slamming shut their embassies to Turkey, with Turkish officials banned from addressing citizens who reside there, chances heighten that President Erdoghan just might ‘spill the beans’ regarding just whose DNA evidences ‘Nazi Remnants‘.

Strategically, what does President Erdoghan have to lose? He is the only one amongst the ‘elites’ who has openly expressed his admiration for Third Reich Führer Adolf Hitler, openly proclaiming that Nazi Governance is the ideal.

While ‘Nazi Remnants’ – as Erdoghan aptly identifies them – feign outrage and insult at the very mention of their Idol’s name and deeds. Have they stopped to consider that their Führer would not be pleased to be ‘thrown under the bus’, despite his ruthless instruction of ‘all means necessary’?

The next few weeks promise to be quite revealing.

I said Nazism is dead. I thought Nazism was over, but I was wrong. It turns out that Nazism is reawakening in the West,” the president [Erdoghan] asserted.

After decades of outrageous, illegal, evil collusion, do not be surprised when the Nazi Fourth Reich Conspiracy To Own The World cracks completely open. When it does – and it will – prepare for Nuremberg Trials II: International Tribunals convened against this generation of stealth Nazi Conspirators. Politicians, bureaucrats, military, judges, all purporting patriotism at their global posts. Stealth, wicked men and women who enacted every measure possible, to resurrect Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Reich.



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