As The Fourth Reich Crumbles –

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Divine Rebuke of The Nazi Fourth Reich continues. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped forth, 28 September 2015, to brave the wrath of The Nazi Fourth Reich by speaking Truth to the assembled United Nations about the stealth Nazi-Islamist Fourth Reich Global Terror Op, The Hand Of God has Moved Mightily.

Three Phases of God’s Awesome Rebuke of the seven-decades-old, Hitler-established Nazi Underground, now The Nazi-Islamist Fourth Reich – who long have crouched in an array of political disguises, institutions and deeds  – have manifested.


Phase I:  Loss Of Efficacy


Phase II: Systematic Crumbling Of Seven Decades Of Stealth Re-Building Of The Nazi Reich


Phase III: Public Exposure / Identification Of The Nazi Conspirators


A Fourth Phase of Divine Rebuke approaches:

Phase IV: Convening Of Nuremberg Trials II, in which Nazi Fourth Reich Conspirators – for the same Global Aggressions as their Third Reich predecessors – will be indicted, tried, convicted, and appropriately punished. Additional indictments will likely be enumerated, in order to address their Crimes Against Economies, Government Organizations & Individual Prosperity; Election Crimes including Felony Identity Fraud; False Flag Terrorizing Of Nations; Character Assassination; Crimes Against National Records / Archives; as well as other devious, malicious crimes.

Blessedly, the decades-old Fourth Reich chokehold upon information / communicationsits nefarious, stealth, global expression of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Ministry Of Propaganda’has been effectively smashed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 2015 U.N. “Do you realize what you have done?” query to The Nazi Aggressors has proven, as he likely intended, a useful rhetorical device.

Humanity has awakened. Humanity is outraged. Under God’s Mighty Hand, humanity, once more, will mete out Justice.


Nazi Germany Radio: All Third Reich, All The Time  – Progenitor Of Contemporary ‘Mainsteam Media’



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